Your Value System Copy

By now I trust you are starting to think about you. Because it all starts with you. NO, I didn’t say it’s all ‘about’ you, it just starts with you. More on that later.

So let’s do a quick re-cap.

  • Your SC mind
  • Deciding who and what you want to be
  • Perfect Practice
  • Perfect Programming

Part of deciding who and what you want to be, or become, is knowing what your values are. Have you ever thought about your value system? Or like most of us, it sort of just happens along the way by default as a result of our home, school and social environments. Being influenced by the people around us. If we don’t deliberately decide on our values then we will certainly be programmed by someone else’s. Thats a bit scary isn’t it!

What is it you would like other people in your life to say about you? About what sort of person you are?

Lets re-visit my previous comment about social media. What is it we are constantly being fed to become? What is it we are told to be? Do you really want to be pressured to conform to this? Now I know it’s popular and we all want to be in the “in crowd” and associate with the hip, important people and so called “influencers” of the world. But is this really who you want to be? If so, great, but at least make a conscious choice to be that way. Just know how and what your are being programmed with.

I love one of the slogans of a natural health and beauty product shop.

There are 3 billion women who DON’T look like super models, and only 8 who do

Marketing thrashes the message that all women should aspire to look like a super model and men to be the ultimate male image – but only 8 people can be. There is a minuscule representation of people telling the rest of us who to be. Really! I mean how many influencers can there be that earn the big advertising fees? Do we really want to be told by them who we should be?

So back to your value system. Download the list of values and print out if you can. Libraries can assist with this.

There are plenty of versions of discovering your values around – I like this one as it generally gets a good result and is a good starting point as you develop your value system.

You will need to download the values list from the download section;

The guide for the exercise:

  1. Circle or underline every value that strikes an accord with you.
  2. Group similar values in 4 or 5 groups
  3. Find a key value in each group that resonates the most.
  4. Now add a noun to each of the 4 or 5 values. Example: If your key vale is Growth. You could add ‘situation’. So your value sentence might be:
  5. I look for growth in every situation.
  6. Now you have 4-5 value statements that can be your core values as you go on you Soft Skills Journey. These will give you consistency and everyone will know what you stand for.

Before you select your favourite values, think about your dream job or career. What values would be required or help you on your road to success in that space. Hopefully these values align with your key personal values. If they are opposed to them, then you may have a conflict in your chosen career, or at worst, may not be suited to that space.