Your Turn Copy

Did you write that list of lies? If not do it now. Make a deliberate effort to reprogram all that rubbish. You deserve to be set free of all this crap.

What are things that you tend to fear about on a sort of frequent basis? Write them down. Now add these notes to them –

  • Will it matter in a year form now?
  • Are there things about this I can control?
  • Have I faced this before and it was ok?
  • If it were to cause me a problem, how could I deal with it?

Don’t ignore those things, but by thinking them through you can remove the fear from them. Learn too be happier and control the controllables.

Change your definition of failure. write it out and stick it on your desk or somewhere in full view. Make an affirmation out of it and start your new program for it.

Your Self-Talk

Write a list of the all negative things you say to yourself. Now…. what will you do about them? Remember you have some new programming to do. For each one, write an opposite statement and get that into your subconscious mind.

Start a swear jar – instead you drop a dollar in every time to abuse yourself with negative self-talk. Get the people around you to pick you up when you do it. Make a game out of it so it becomes a fun thing and it will be easier to do.

Go and get some 5″x 3″ or cards ( newsagent ) and start your affirmation set. Start with the most important changes you want to make in your life. See if you can write 8 affirmations, one per card. Remember it may take a while for the new program to take over as it has to get to a point where it outweighs the old program.

Block the baddies

Come up with your own method of “blocking the unwanted” What things to you do, either sport or recreational? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • For a gardener: cut it out with your secateurs.
  • A boxer : punch it away
  • Footballer: hit it out of bounds
  • OR simply imagine it on paper and screw it up and throw it in the bin

What ever works for you is fine, just do one.

Your personal room

Create your programming room. Seriously this can change your life in so many ways. What ever it is you want for yourself, go and program it specifically and deliberately. Over and over until you computer starts to deliver that outcome for you.

This is not just for one thing. You can go into your programming room any time for any outcome you want to achieve.

NLP Anchor

Persist with this and reset it if you need to. Learn to trust your subconscious mind. You have to train it first of all, then trust it. If there are other areas of your life you would like to get under control, then create an anchor for it.

There is a bit here for you to work on and I encourage you to do all of these things. You don’t have to do them and master them in a week. Just start on the journey of the subconscious mind and in the years to come you will be thanking me for teaching you this. If fact I want to hear your success stories – I really do. Send them in so we can share in your success, we get a real kick out of hearing you stories. Send them to