Your Turn Copy

There are 3 parts to this summary of this module: STAR – Emails – Rapport. Treat them as separate exercises, and how you might add them to your road map.

How can you improve your speaking skills. Make that list of your good and not so good points, than how and what you will do to improve.

See if you can memorise the STAR acronym and practice with everyday discussions with your family. Let them know what you’re learning so it makes sense to them, then they can help as well.


Start to re-think how you write an email. Remember an abbreviated language is extremely dangerous. Read a few of your sent emails, and ask the following:

  • Did I send the right message?
  • How could have the recipient got a different message?
  • Should I have tried to show more tonality in the message
  • Did I ask enough of the open questions for clarification
  • Could have I been too blunt?
  • Did I leave too much room for the recipient to make their own interpretation of the message?

Now re-write the email addressing these issues and see if you can give a clearer message.

Remember – To think about it from the receivers perspective. What do they want to get out of the message, will it be favourable message to them ( even if a negative one ) Don’t write it from what you want to say, write it from what you think they want to hear.

Now see the difference between the 2 emails.

Do a few more so you get into the swing of doing this and so it becomes your new way of writing emails.


Write down 5 things you will do to make sure your first 4 second are the right ones. Now next to those, what will you do to improve those things. Perfect practice and perfect planning is required here.

Write a list of the questions you can ask to fine things in common with other people. If you’re not comfortable doing the talking, that get comfortable in asking the questions.

Pick 3 people you will practice this on, and give it a go. These must be people you don’t know well. After the exercise, review and note how you felt you improved and how much better the conversation was. How did building commonality impact the experience, and relationship.

Is this going into your 12 month development plan?