Your Turn Copy

We know that repetition is a major key to cementing any learning. How did you go with your first goal setting assignment?

This skill is vital for you to have any level of leadership in any organisation, whether a formal one or other. You may well say that “I have no aspiration to be in leadership” Great, but there are times when you will be thrust into it whether you like it or not – so why not get al least a little equipped fo it now?

You don’t have to have the title of ‘leader’ to be one. In fact you are a leader already in many ways and don’t even know it.

What are some goals you might have coming up? Pick 2 of them and go through the process you learnt and start to get comfortable with it.

As this will be on the list of skills we have explored in the letter to employers, in an interview they may well ask you to give an example of how you set a goal, worked through it and what the outcome was.

Don’t forget you are not alone. Get your trusted circle of help to work through it wit you it that makes it easier.

Now do the same for SWOT analysis. This is something that nearly every workplace uses. To be able to demonstrate you can do it as well will be a Biiiiiiiiig plus for you.