Your Turn Copy

This was only a short topic, however there is something you can do to greatly enhance you interview success. By incorporating many of the things w have down so far.

Take some time and review all your topics so far. This time look at the information from a different perspective, an interview perspective. Ask yourself how this will help you interview better.

As you this, write down, our make a template of things to follow and do in an interview. Make key point headings and put them is some sort of order that will enable you to get really good at interviewing. Make your own “Interview Road Map”

This is perfect practice, planning and programming all at the same time. What is the outcome you want from an interview? Then plan for that.

This process will be very beneficial for you for the rest of you life. Why? because you are always being interviewed ion some context – you are always “selling yourself” Over time, get good at it, and you can go anywhere you want to in life.