Your new program

You have had some insights into how you can either re-set or start a new program. In this section I want to give you some tips and tools to get your program working. Some of these are usually sourced by specialised practitioners at great expense, and I’m sure they won’t like me giving them away.

To ensure the desired result we don’t just have to create new programs, we need to firstly undo the damage of existing ones. To do this we need to over whelm, or nullify the the old one. This is called saturation. If you have had 100 ‘entries’ into an existing program, you need to have 150-200 entries of the new one to counteract the old one. You need to saturate it. This might sound like hard work and maybe over whelming to some. Don’t worry it’s not that difficult, it just takes consistent effort to create a habit of doing it.

Speaking of habits. Have you ever tried to break a habit only to fail? Sometimes over and over. That’s because you can’t actually break a habit – it’s been programmed to to it. Your subconscious mind will automatically reject your wrong approach to change, and simply say “but this is what you have programmed me to do – so this is what I will make sure happens. So how do you “break” a habit? By replacing it with a new one. Begin a new habit and saturate the old one and you will have success.

The first way to program is with ‘affirmations’ An affirmation is is a statement of who you want to be, but as if you already are. It must be:

  • Positive
  • Present tense
  • Spoken aloud
  • Personal

Positive because you want a positive outcome and present tense because it’s as if you already are. We speak them out loud for 2 reasons. As the subconscious mind takes in information by the 5 physical senses, we use 2 of them this way – Reading them & hearing them. You have just doubled the impact. This helps you quickly saturate an existing program. Personal because it has to have that mindful and emotional connection with our neurons doing their thing.

Think of something you would like to be better at, or to program. Now write an affirmation for it.

Example: You would like to be a more positive person. Your affirmation could be:

“I am a very positive person, I always look for the good in something and only that which is edifying to the hearer comes from my mouth”

Now write this on a 5×3 card and read it every day – twice if you need to really saturate an existing one. To make this more powerful do it in front of a mirror. This will help with the mindful and emotional connection.

Please don’t under estimate the power of affirmations. They set the program that the subconscious mind will then make happen. It dictates and controls your actions to outwork this program.

I have 6-10 affirmations I use daily. They may change every 3-9 months and they sit in the top drawer of my desk where they are at my fingertips.

Block the unwanted

Another thing you can do to keep a healthy program, is to literally block the bad stuff from getting in. We have 8-9 seconds for a mindful and meaningful connection to be cemented into our subconscious. So the very instant we hear or see something we do not want in our computer we can block it. Heres how.

Come up with something that works and means something for you. I grew up playing field hockey. So when I hear a negative statement about me or something I don’t want to get in, I imagine I am the hockey goalie. I am there on the goal line and I see the negative being hit toward me. I block it, and keep it out of the goals with my glove or stick. I visualise this happening, and it represents the baddie not getting in. What could you do?

NLP Techniques – (neuro linguistic programming)

Create a programming room

I can show you this much more effectively by the following audio.

Create an Anchor

What you are about to learn is a well guarded secret by many. There will be some NLP practitioners who will even be upset I am giving this knowledge and skill basically for free. However it is far too powerful and something that can totally change your life for me not to share it with you.