Your Letter To Employer Copy

This is possibly the most valuable asset you could get over the next 5-10 years. However, the value of this letter is completely up to you. Let me explain:

  • The letter will have your name on it
  • It will be individually numbered and identifiable
  • Employers can check if it’s genuine
  • It will explain exactly what you have learnt and the skill-sets you are developing.
  • Give an indication of what you bring to the employer
  • These skills are exactly what employers and universities have told us they are wanting in their employees.

There are checks and balances: These are in place to protect the integrity and value of this letter for everyone. Sadly there is always the 1% of people who think they don’t have to follow rules or fair guidelines. So these are to protect and maintain the value for the 99%

  • There is an employers validity check list.
  • If you have an unauthorised copy of this letter, or if you hand it out to a mate – employers will know and the holder will become immediately unemployable, as you will have shown your lack of integrity and dishonesty.
  • Anyone found copying and distributing the letter will have a black mark against their name on the employers check list.
  • For that 1% that might be reading – short cuts in life are just not worth it. You will in most cases be found out, and you are not building the skills you need to move you towards your goals. Your are better than that anyway, so resist the the short cuts
The more you learn from this course, and practice, the more likely you are to be considered for employment.

You can not fake these skills They are observable skills that the whole world can see. If you think you can quickly fly though this course and tick all the boxes just to get ahead, think again. These are “Life Skills” and you develop them by – doing life.

It’s not what you do that matters most… It’s how you do it.

So if you haven’t already, grab a cuppa, get comfortable, remove any distractions and let’s get you equipped for success in whatever journey you decide to undertake.

Your “Soft Skills Road Map” (Now replaced with “Who Am I” picture)

This is a simple outline, module by module, showing what you have learnt and the skills you know are important, to develop along they new journey called life.

You can take this to an interview and give to the potential employer to show them you have a heightened level of self-awareness, and the type of person you want to become. This gives the employer a great insight into the “person” they will employ and be part of their team.

12 Month Personal Development Plan

While this is designed to keep you developing your skills, it is also a powerful tool you can take to an interview. Imagine not only showing your Soft Skills Road Map (Who Am I pic) of self-awareness and and what you will be working on, but your own “personal development plan” showing the month by month skills and an assessment for each.

You could even suggest you would be happy for the employer to oversee, and and even add things to the plan that they felt would be appropriate for their workplace, and are happy to do it. Now there is some transparency and confidence you have shown your new employer. Are they starting to get get an understanding of “Who this person is” in front of them? Could this sway their decision in your favour?