Why? Copy

What is it you would want to achieve through having a good, appropriate and healthy posture? Remember the section on rapport? You are wanting to encourage others to:

  • Like you
  • Trust you
  • Warm to you
  • Feel comfortable with you
  • Get a feeling of confidence from you
  • Feel like they could work with you
  • Generally get a good impression of you.

Posture is partly responsible for the persona you allow others to see about you. How do you build posture? A good place to start is with a healthy mindset and all the things we have learnt so far are, useful for this. Coming from a place of self-worth and confidence and knowing your good attributes is a good platform to build posture.

Exercise time. In your notebook make a list of all the good things that you bring to the table. Focusing on the positive things will help you start to build a healthy posture. Notice the term “healthy”. This is for the extremely confident of you. Posture can be both good and bad, just like body language. Have you picked up on a few themes running through this course that are relevant here? Self-awareness, and the message we send. It is about appropriate posture for the situation. Over the top behaviour at the wrong time can be detrimental to your success. Learn to balance your behaviour to suit the situation.

As you develop your posture make sure it is consistent with your values and the things that you want the world to see.

Tips for a good posture.

  • Now you bring value to the situation, group and environment
  • Stand or sit straight
  • Smile
  • Hold your head up
  • Look people in the eyes (if this is a challenge for you, practice practice practice) and perhaps write an affirmation
  • Speak with a confident voice. If you have a soft and reserved voice, consider some voice lessons or join a public speaking club
  • Have an open body language
  • Only allow your face to show good expressions
  • Address people by their name (see tip below)
  • Ask questions about others, make it about them , not you

Addressing people by their name is one of those must do fundamentals. Many of us have challenges remembering names as we are simply not listening attentively. We are thinking of what we might be saying next. Here are some tips to get better at this.

  • When you meet someone for the first time and they give you their name. Repeat it 3 times in your response. e.g. His my name is John. ( you say ) Hi John, it’s great to meet you John. Tell me, how long have have you been coming here John. Or something similar. Now I know this might sound a bit over the top to you, but I promise you it does not to John.
  • Use word association. If I am introduced to a “Sandy” I immediately think of the dog in the movie Annie. Don’t ask me why, I just do. But it helps me remember.
  • If you are in a meeting and you have to remember multiple names, write them down. What I do is write the names on a sketch of the room seating. That way I can address everyone by name. It doesn’t matter if they see what you are doing, they will appreciate that you have taken the trouble to do this. It also shows that you respect them enough to do it. If you get their business cards you can place them in the order of seating. If they see you looking at the cards it doesn’t matter.
  • Building rapport (finding something in common) also helps with your posture. It opens you up, and the way they receive you.
  • Dress appropriately for the environment. I know we want our “image” but be flexible to make the right impression.