The influence of “THEY” Copy

Most often it is our own hurdles that stop us doing things, and the biggest is usually the fear of ‘they’. What ‘they’ might think, what ‘they’ might say, the feeling of having to keep up with ‘they’? So who is your ‘they’? Family, friends, friends of friends, social media influence! We are influenced daily by the ‘they’ and we allow ourselves to get sucked in by their popularity, or the need for us to want a piece of that popularity and to belong. After all, if we constantly read and like their posts, tweets, pics etc. then their popularity will rub off on us……. wont it? And, what is it we will belong to anyway?

Influencers! Who are they? What is their credibility? Who elevated them and endorsed them as the authority? What is the sum of their life’s experience, education and contribution to society. What they do know, and do very well, is to suck in as many as they can, to believing their supposed status as the “guru of whatever” will some how benefit you and you are missing out if you don’t “belong”! When they reach the 1000’s of ‘followers’ marketers step in and pay them to reach their audience. So they are simply making money off you. What is their value system? What do they stand for? Who are they really? Are these the people that I want on my life’s journey?

Will they pay your bills? Ensure you get the job? Help you buy your house, car and even put food on your table? Of course not. So why do we let ourselves get sucked in by the ‘They’ They don’t even know you, and certainly don’t care about you – (except to make money off you) Yet we allow the ‘They’s’ in our life to control what, when, how, who and the why of our lives.

As I have suggested and encouraged you right through this course, be who you want to be. You decide the what, how, where, who and when of your life. Set your own value system, set your own course and achieve what you want to. If it is so important for you to have “influencers” in your life, then invite the right people to influence your future- those who know and care about you.

The fear of ‘They’ is a hurdle that of you don’t jump, climb or even knock over, it can prevent you becoming the ‘You’ you were born to be.

I don’t know you, but I do know you deserve a lot more than being just an income source for self appointed so called gurus.