SWOT analysis Copy

The SWAT analysis tool is another great resource to use in goal setting, planning, and time management.

How many times have you embarked on something only to find out down the track that it’s not going to work. You have spent far too much time and effort, and sometimes money as well, and it just has to be canned.

SWOT fits perfectly in to the section earlier on “Perfect Practice” As the name says, it is an analytic process, that we do at the beginning not at the end.

SWOT helps you:

  • Explore your options
  • Check the validity of your your ideas
  • Helps in decision making – as it removes emotional and any bias you may already have toward the idea. Whether it be positive or negative.
  • It helps give you clarity for both individual components of your idea as well as the bigger picture.

What does SWOT stand for?

S = Strengths W= Weaknesses O= Opportunities T= Threats

An example of SWOT in action: Your idea is to “Learn the guitar and become a famous rock star”

  • I love the guitar
  • Friends play so they can help me
  • My father is musical
  • I can’t play
  • Ive been told I’m tone deaf
  • I don’t have a guitar
  • I lost 2 fingers on my left hand in an accident
  • Tho local pub advertised for a band
  • I can put stuff up on you tube
  • The world is ready for the next Jimmy Hendrix
  • Everyone wants to play the guitar – too much competition
  • Family don’t want me to practice at home
  • My friends want the same goal – could be conflict there
  • I don’t have any money to buy a guitar or for lessons

After doing the analysis, which by the way must be done without emotion, reveals an interesting picture. Now we go back to our SMART goal and see how much of the SWOT analysis supports, or shows serious issues with our goal or idea.

As this is just an illustration to show how the process works, I don’t want to undermine the most important factors that can make any goal become reality, regardless of your obstacles.

Passion, and determination. Many people who have achieved amazing things have had what we would call impossible obstacles to overcome. So if you’re passionate about something, where it is the last thing you think about before you go to sleep and the first thing you think about when you awake, then go for it. Yes there will be pain, struggle and frustration, but remember that Magical principle I spoke about earlier……. I’ll get to it soon enough. In the mean time have a look at this, and be inspired.



Practice both of these tools, SMART goals and SWOT analysis with smaller goals and ideas. Get used to the process and when you have bigger fish to fry, you will be ready and able to do them quickly. Also these tools are used in almost every workplace you are likely to employed in. They are used by nearly every level of management and organisation. So if you can add this skill to your resume, then you are already a step ahead.