So – Who are you? Copy

Ask yourself: Am I a genius? If you are like the 99.75% of us your answer is no.

You have a ‘conscious’ mind and a ‘subconscious’ mind.

Have you ever changed your mind mid sentence to change what you were going to say to someone? We all have.

Now ask yourself again: Am I a genius? and your answer now should be yes!

If we could make a computer that equalled the capacity of your mind, it would:

  • Be as big as the Sydney Opera House
  • Take all the water in Sydney Harbour to cool it down so it didn’t overheat
  • Cost trillions of dollars
That’s what you have between your ears.

So the next time you want to self-deprecate or or put yourself down, just remember – Remember, YOU are indeed a genius.

We often refer to our subconscious mind as:

  • the 6th sense
  • the little voice in my head
  • a hunch, or inkling
  • a feeling

These are all situations when your subconscious mind is sending your conscious mind information. It is trying to tell you something based on your previous, and life’s experiences.

Your subconscious mind gathers information through your 5 physical senses. Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste and Hearing.

Let me ask, do you have a perfect memory? No!

Actually you do. Unless you have been clinically diagnosed with a neurological condition or unfortunately have been involved in a accident resulting with loss of neurological function, you do have a perfect memory.

What you do have an issue with, is recall. Our conscious mind or thought process, often gets in the way and doesn’t listen to the subconscious mind sending us information.

  • 1/6th is logical / conscious
  • 5/6th are subconscious

We speak to ourselves around 66,000 times a day. How many of this do you think are in a negative context. Nearly all of them. We live in a negatively geared society, and we see or hear over 5,00 pieces of advertising a day. Most of them telling us (even if it is at a subliminal level) that we are not important enough, good enough, prestigious enough, beautiful enough, manly enough, fast enough, successful enough etc, etc, etc. Then there is our own negative self talk – and the overriding messages from instagram and other social media, but we will get too that later.

Back to that perfect memory of yours – let me prove it to you.

Before you move on to the next module, go back and recap this one. I really want you to get the picture and real understanding that you are much bigger and better than you think you are. You have:

  • More capacity
  • More potential
  • More value
  • More ability
  • More to contribute
  • More worth

than you ever thought or gave yourself credit for.

You are a genius and you do have a perfect memory. Thats amazing. Realise it, accept it, embrace it, and know you are an amazingly fantastic human being that really can do anything you put your mind to do. Yes there might be hurdles and challenges in the process, but you really are better than you think.

Let that sink in for a while.