Practice is rubbish Copy

Have you heard the term: Practice makes perfect? Do you agree?

Actually this statement is rubbish and should be totally ignored.

It should read: Perfect practice makes perfect. If your are practicing something the wrong way, what will the outcome be?

This comes back to our subconscious mind and what we program. Remember the 5 senses that feed, or programs our subconscious! So we need to be careful what we feed it, or how we program it. In computer programming, one of the first things you learn is GIGO. Garbage IN Garbage OUT. As we have the worlds biggest and most complex computer between our ears, we should pay attention to how we program it.

This will be a thread that goes though the rest of this course. It is about doing what we do the right way to get the right outcome. GIGO So that also means Perfect Practice.

You have probably seen or heard this quote: “You will not get different results by doing the same thing” OR the definition of insanity as is (wrongfully) attributed to Albert Einstein:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

So why do we keep doing the same things over and over? It is because we are such creatures of habit.

Going back to a previous question: Who do you think you are? I now want you ask yourself: Who do I want to be?

Take some time and answer this. Get your note book and write this on the top of a page: ‘This is who I am’ Now start a list of all the things you want to be. Don’t be flippant with it, be real, be genuine and be honest. But think big, Don’t limit yourself by your previous programming- your bigger and better that that.

Now these things need to go somewhere in your Soft Skills Road Map. Along with: How will I Perfectly Practice these?

What you are doing is “perfectly programming” your subconscious mind to deliver the perfect result.

Have you heard the term: Mind over matter, or mind power? This refers to the subconscious mind (from here on we will just call it the SC ) You can program your SC to do just about anything, and it will then feed that back to the conscious mid to do what is required to get that result. Let me prove it to you.

Here is your first resource to get: ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’ by Timothy Gallwey. Its where I stole the tennis story from. It is a quick read and should be readily available, particularly from larger book stores in the self help section. World Of Books (online) and Amazon have it for around $15. A local library should also have it. Beg, borrow, buy, go halves with someone- but do what ever you can to get it.

From personal experience, this book changed my life, and it can help you change yours. ( no I’m not paid nor get any inducements to recommend this book )

The elite sportsmen and women all over the world do just that. They program the end result they want, then they shut their conscious mind down, (their thought processes). They let the SC do its job. Remember the soldier with the perfect memory, it’s the same thing.

It does take practice to learn to listen to your SC, and then even more practice to trust it. But with Perfect Practice comes perfect results. So who and what is it you want to be? Start your program for that now.