Laws and Principles Copy

Reap what you sow – Karma – Do unto others…...

You may have heard it said “what goes around comes around” maybe not immediately, but what you put out there is exactly what you get back….. at some stage. This principle is the catalyst to activate your value system, to start the ball rolling for you in all of the skills we have explored. It is like the yeast if you like. You can have, and prepare all the other ingredients to make bread, but without the activating ingredient of yeast, nothing happens. So, of you want people to treat you in a certain way, then activate that by starting to treat others that way. If you want people to show you favour, start to show others favour. If you want others to give you respect, then show others respect first.

No Pain (strain) – no Gain

As we have already touched on, gain comes from using our muscles. Stretching them, then letting them grow, recover and get stronger. Understanding that life really was not meant to easy, but for the purpose of growing will help equip you mentally for the pain or strain you will have to go through to be equipped for success. Like the law of compensation, there can be no compensation without the first bit – the test, the pain, the strain.

The law of Reciprocity

We have covered this

Give more than you take

Just as the tile says. If all you do is take, then understand you are automatically activating “reap what you sow” & reciprocity, attraction, and no pain no gain. Give and you will get back. However …. you must give with the right motivation, because that is how it will come back. Example: if you give in anger, then yes you will certainly get back as that is the law – but you also will get back in anger. Make sense! Some of you may have heard and read this before:

“Give, and it will be given to you. A large quantity, pressed together, shaken down, and running over will be put into your lap, because you’ll be evaluated by the same standard with which you evaluate others.”

Law of command

This really is so obvious. We know it, but few do it. It is your confession, or what you put out into the universe. You really can activate anyone of these laws by what you command -say -or confess. Have you encountered negative people before/ Those that just have nothing positive to say and are pure pessimists. What is the fruit of their life? Just more thing to complain about- right. If you want something, I mean really and seriously want something then command it into being. (recognise anything we have covered in the course) By speaking it out loud, you are also programming it into your subconscious mind. There is a negative side of this though! What have you been commanding, or confessing, that that is bearing the wrong king of fruit, or result for you? So yes the law of command works whether you realise it or not – but be careful what you put out there, as that ill be your result.

Law of Attraction

Have you heard the saying “You are what you think” ? Let me very simply explain why this is true, and that is works. When you spend your time thinking about something, often and with purpose, a part of your brain recognises this (remember the subconscious mind) and automatically causes you to focus on anything you see, hear, smell, touch, tase or experience that is relevant to your thoughts. It makes what you’re thinking about come to life and be real for you. Example: Say you want to buy a particular pair of shoes or item of clothing, or perhaps you want a particular hair style. All of a sudden that is the thing you see around you most, you notice them more. And when you get what ver it is you wanted, then all you see is that thing….. every where. Did the manufacturers all of a sudden flood the market with them? No, you are just noticing them more because it is what you spend you time thinking about.

So, if you want something to come to pass, make it part of your everyday thought. Dwell on it, be passionate about it and your mind will cause you to focus on every opportunity to make it happen. Things you would normally not see, and thus take advantage of those opportunities. Remember those negative people in the law of command, and the fruit their lives show? The law of attractions says that you attract to yourself what ever it is you spend your time thinking about and dwelling on.

Be careful: It is not just what you think about, but the way you think it . Sound familiar! Think of what you want in completeness, or the right way, with thoughts of “How” you will get it and what it will do fo you. Let your subconscious mind deliver the whole picture for you. Can you see how this ties in with all the other laws and principles?

Law of compensation

We have covered this also

There is always a sacrifice

A bit like in the law of compensation when you will be tested to see if you are serious and indeed deserve the end prize. When you set any goal, or desire any thing, when you activate any of the above principles there will bee a price to pay – a sacrifice. If you want to loose weight, then the 9pm pizza may just have to go. if you want to be that guitar rock god like in the goal setting exercise, then you will need to practice. So what will you give up so you have the time to practice?

Be prepared for sacrifice, it is a part of attaining the reward. Don’t grizzle and complain when you are face with it, know it’s coming and be ready. Also know that the bigger the dream or goal, the more the amount of sacrifice there will be.

I remember a friend from my school and uni days, an exceptional violinist. She was a child prodigy and won not just national awards, but international awards as a young teenager. Competing with the best in the world in the highest level competition in the world… and won. Why, how ……. sacrifice. 6 – 7 and 8 hrs a day practicing, as a child. I remember a group of us going to the cinema in her first year of uni and being completely stunned when she said to me “this is the first time i have been to the cinema with a group of friends like this” Hang on she is now 18years old …. what??? It’s called sacrifice.

Now few of us will ever be in that elite company with the need to sacrifice that much…….. or will we? What are your dreams? Where is it you want to be, or go or achieve? Be ready for the sacrifice, activate all of the above principles and laws, and you can do anything you choose or purpose to do.