Do’s & Don’ts Copy

As you start to settle in to a new environment and find your place, etiquette has a much bigger picture that the obvious of just respecting the rules of that work place culture. Ask your self:

  • How does following this etiquette fit with my bigger picture.
  • Why should I be concerned? And I hope your answer is long the lines of: building rapport, delivering on their WIIFM’s, positioning myself for favour and promotion, reciprocity. etc….
  • Is it part of my value system?
  • Someone is Always watching

Here are some do’s and don’ts:

  • Dress – appropriately, see previous notes.
  • Respect positions and titles. Personal respect has to be earnt and that goes both ways.
  • Your humour is not everyone’s – be tasteful
  • Don’t be a smart arse – it s not funny
  • Whats your personal aura – the message you send
  • Negative Nelly. No one likes constant negativity form you, learn to be positive.
  • Gossip – NO
  • Careful who you connect with – some will connect to dominate you and use you for their gain. Use wisdom
  • Always use their name & title if relevant
  • The hand shake – google this there’s plenty on it
  • PHONES – on silent please – who is important here? And Please don’t use one of those b****y annoying ring tones that only draws attention to you. It annoys the crap out of Everyone, is rude and does nothing to build rapport
  • Touch ?? That is a NO GO zone, unless you’re married. It’s far too dangerous these days and it can end careers.
  • Terms of endearment. Those statements that one culture has about another that are actually a compliment, but if the other person does not know about them …. then you’re in trouble. Be careful.

Meeting Etiquette:

  • Be on time
  • Be organised
  • Don’t be distracted
  • Don’t doodle
  • Write notes
  • Respect others time and work
  • Don’t be a clown and make life difficult for others, you will have to do it one day
  • Your reputation and trust take a long time to earn, but can destroyed in seconds. Think long term

At work functions:

  • Dress appropriately
  • Getting drunk is NOT cool
  • Mingle with the crowd not just your group

If your are thinking of pushing the boundaries remember 2 vital rules:

  1. Wherever you are someone is always watching
  2. You are representing the company & they pay your wage

Networking tips:

  • Be relatable
  • Talk about others, it’s not all about you
  • Sell yourself before anything else – rapport
  • Ask questions
  • Talk about their challenges
  • Use their name

A strategic approach to networking with confidence

  • Build up your network before you need it
  • Give more to get more – the law of reciprocity really does work!
  • Everyone is important – you don’t know who else they know! Maybe your next boss!