Do you talk to the Idiot? Copy

Have you ever made a mistake and said…… You Idiot? You stupid *&#@*, you moron. We all have.

In the conversation between our conscious and subconscious mind we talk to ourselves around 66,000 time a day. So how many of them are negative? Most of them. We are exposed to around 5000 pieces of advertising each day, and most of them negative. Or are designed promote a negative conversation with ourselves. Things like: “if you don’t have the shiniest hair then your not as good” – “if you don’t drive this car then your not really cool and with it” – “You really do need to get this new jacket to keep up with fashion” etc etc etc

Indulge me for a minute: The marketing industry has been taking us for a ride for decades and we keep falling for it. The fashion industry in particular constantly bombards us a negative connotations and images to sell us the latest items we just have to have. Why do we allow others to dictate our self-esteem? They bleed our bank accounts dry because we’re silly enough to let them. And there’s plenty of other industries that do the same. Don’t get sucked to the message of “your not good enough with out the latest” Seriously, will it make any difference to you as a person in a year or so from now? Ok Im done now – back on track.

So we are constantly being influenced and to be driven by negativity. As a result the most common obstacles are those we create ourselves.

  • You – Your self-talk
  • A fear of failure
  • Your belief system
  • Your skills sets
  • Lack of perfect preparation
  • Not having a plan

Have you ever said to yourself when trying something for the first time, or after a failure the last time you did it: “I bet you can’t, won’t or don’t ……” And when it doesn’t work out the way you wanted you say “See I told you so”. Somewhere in your programming this has been planted and your are just affirming and reinforcing the program.

So it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy: You Doubt – Your Reaffirm You Can’t – Therefore you Don’t.

When I mentor in a one on one situation I often start by just having a chat and listening to their language. I can quickly determine the cause of their issues by their speech.

The experience of my life, is a mirror of my constant thought.

What do you spend your time thinking about? Is it positive or negative? Is it progressive or self-defeating? Is it about solutions or avoidance?

What is your speech? What are your thoughts? Dwell on this and see where you could change the outcomes in your life by changing your speech and thoughts. Have an honest discussion with parents, carers and trusted friends and get their insights where you could improve.

Ultimately it’s your program – what will it look like?