Course Objective Copy

  • To equip you with life skills
  • Skills that every employer & uni wants
  • Why? – These skills will help you navigate your new journey

Tools you will need

  • Note book (hard cover is preferable) Or your PC
  • A “To Do List”
  • Red and blue pen
  • Highlighters for A-H-A moments ( perhaps don’t use these on your PC screen 😂

Please do not be overwhelmed by the fact there are 92 steps in this course. Actually there are only 35 topics. The rest are introductions, exercises, notebook entries and quick-bytes.

Each subject is divided into topics. The last two topics are “Your Turn” and “Who Am I” The “Your Turn” topic is for you to consider how the content might apply to you. It also gives you an exercise to implement and develop your skills. The “Who Am I” topic is the jigsaw graphic for you to add the appropriate key word/s that will make up the person you want to grow into – the new or improved and developed you.