Course learning style Copy

  • Modules / lessons – at your own pace
  • You can stop & start at will
  • Are inter-dependent and relate to each other
  • Different fruit – but from the same tree
  • Simple quiz and/or exercises to cement learning
  • Not just about completing, it’s about applying and growing
3 different learning styles
  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinaesthetic or tactile : play, fiddle, doodle

It’s why we have included pictures, video, audio and descriptive action language to try and meet all your learning styles.

As you go through these modules you may well find some more interesting to you than others. Some content will be completely new to you which will invoke different reactions and responses. Ultimately what you do is of course your choice, but remember, something in this subject is going to relate to something in the previous one and also the next one that you do relate to.

So please don’t dismiss any content based on your personal bias. Rather take the approach that this is just different and I wonder how this will tie in with all the other content that will complete my Soft Skills Tree!  

You don’t know what you don’t know,

You can’t change what you can’t see

This is not school!

The information and presentation style will be more relaxed and informal, sometimes I will just be having a chat over a coffee. To avoid death by powerpoint and large slabs of text I will use audio and bullet points. Throughout the course you will come across some “Quick Bytes” these are useful bits of information but do not need a lot of explanation or discovery. You can easily find out more if it interests you.

Partner, mentor, guide, support or just someone to share this experience with.

I would strongly like to suggest you get your parents, carers, a friend or person you trust that can be a mentor for you, and be involved for at least the introduction of this course. Their experience in life can be a great support, library of knowledge, insight, and can just keep you going on this journey

You do not have to do this journey alone, in fact I recommend you don’t, if you have that option. You will certainly get great benefit if you do not have some one – but you will get even more benefit if you do. So ask around and see if there is someone that would like to do this course as well. There is not a person on earth that would not benefit in some way from doing this course.Whether they are entering Life After School, or have been in the workplace for 20 years or more. As this is a personal development journey, it is good to have someone we trust to give insights into the way we do things that we just can’t see ourselves.

More than knowledge

Finally, it is important that we understand that this course is not just about doing a search and finding knowledge. It is about discovering skills and principles. Once discovered, they need to be understood and then put it in the context that is right for you. From there it’s about practicing and developing them. Some will click for you straight away, some will take more time. Some will take the rest of your life, as we change and grow, so will our skills. Don’t be overwhelmed by this as it is a natural progression and will happen automatically … if you maintain self-awareness of your own EQ, (emotional intelligence). It is a fun journey and should be enjoyed.