A bit about who wrote this course Copy

Bruce Bowen is the founder and lead trainer of the Soft Skills Training Institute. With over 20 soft skills,  life skills and sales training courses, Bruce travels Australia and internationally working with teams from a diverse range of industries.  

Bruce is an author and keynote speaker and has written and delivered customised training for universities. He has worked with all levels of government and trains leaders and staff from small business through to large multi-national companies. 

More importantly, Bruce has seen his own children go through the same challenges that this ‘life after school’ course is designed to address. This course is based on first-hand experience and research.

Some of the content and inspiration for this course has come from his experience working with Job Search organisations and training or support centres who have passion to help the youth and young adults of Australia. People who are committed to seeing out next generation not just survive, but thrive and excel in their journey of Life After School.