• Life Skills Training
    Training The Next Generation
    For Success In The Wordplace!

A global skills gap report has revealed why employers say this current generation is not employable.

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life skills training
life skills training

Today The Competition is Huge, But Quality Candidates Are Few.

With competition so high for both employment and further study placements a few percentage points can make all the difference. This carefully structured life skills training course has been developed in consultation with Employers, Universities, state and federal politicians, teachers, parents and of course current generations. All of the content in this course is equally relevant for entering the workforce and continuing career study. 

Job seekers will learn why employers want these skills and how to develop them.

Communication skills – Interpersonal skills – Assertiveness -Resilience – Problem solving – Adaptability -Team work – Self-Confidence and much more.

Traditional classroom price $1,200

This online price is just $268

Equip your children with Life Skills to get that highly desired advantage!

To effectively develop these skills this course is packed with valuable content and explored in depth

Participants will develop an understanding of what is required for their journey ahead. They will acquire skills & tools and will implement personal strategies to ensure a successful transition to life after school. Whether they go directly to the workforce of via further study. These are the skills that will see them not just gain employment, but realise success and longevity.

life skills training

life skills training
life skills training
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The Certificate of Completion & Letter of Introduction to Employers

Participants will receive a certificate of completion and links to a scientific gamified app to develop problem-solving skills. Also, we will provide participants with a personalised letter of introduction to their next potential employer. A letter outlining what they would have learnt from this course and the enhanced skills and knowledge they will bring to their next employment role.

High Value And Big Savings

A traditional face to face training course with this amount of content is valued at $1200 and limited to 12 students. We’re making this training accessible to as many people as possible. And, by converting to an online course we’re saving the expenses associated with live training. So, we are able to provide this comprehensive and specialised training written just for this generation to you for just $268!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the course?

The course is made up of approximately 20 modules. Some short some long and some are just ‘quick bytes’ These are just points to consider and don’t need much further study.

2. How long will it take to complete?

The modules range from 15 mins to an hour each. There are suggested personal development activities for you to do as well. It all depends on where you are at now and how many skills need developing. You could smash it out in a week or take a month. This is not about ticking a box, it’s about developing skills. It will take a week to a month to learn and understand the principles. How long it takes for you to work on and grow those skills to a point where they become second nature is up to you. This is a journey, not a quick fix.

3. What style of learning is it?

To meet all of the learning styles this is a combination of text, audio, graphics and video. There are quizzes and simple exercises to do to help you make it real for yourself. You can choose to do them or not. Like most things you will face in ‘Life After School’ – it’s your choice.

4. Can I keep going back to it?

Please do exactly that. These are skills for life, and we never stop learning or perfecting.

5. Does it delete after a certain time?

We give you access to the course for 1 year, If you feel you need more time with the content you can renew for another year for a small fee.

6. Can my friend and I do it together?

Certainly, in fact It is a great idea to find someone you can do this course with. You can discuss ideas and compare notes on how you are going. You will help each other discover and grow the new you.

7. Is there homework involved?

Not like homework you get at school, but yes there is what I call accountability. These activities are completely up to you in how you do them. They are for your benefit. You don’t have to do it, but you would be wise to do something to develop your new skills.

8. Do I get anything at the end?

You will get 3 things:
  • You will get a certificate of completion
  • A personal letter from us to any potential employer, outlining what you have learnt, and the skills that you will bring to your new role, and the company.
  • Personal and professional development that can equip you for life

9. What if I don’t understand something?

In the first instance ask someone you trust for guidance. A friend, parent, coach or other. In the second instance you can email us and we will do our best to respond in a satisfactory time.

10. I see you have other courses- do I get a discount if I do another one?

Yes, we are happy to offer a discount to help in your personal and professional development journey. Get in touch and we will sort something out for you.

11. I see I get a certificate; do I have to pass before I get that?

Ummm that’s an interesting one. What is a pass? You will have to complete all the course modules, but your pass mark is set by you. This is about your self-awareness of your current skill sets and where it is you want to end up. So, if you only want to improve by 1% -then congratulations you have passed. You are the only judge for who you are- and it should stay that way. We really only have the right to judge others by the fruit we see. Everyone is just doing the best they can with what they have, so who are we to judge? It comes down to your own fruit, are you happy with what you produce?

12. How do I access the course?

Simply click on the link on this page and it will take you through the simple registration process.

13. Is this graded?

No – as per the Q 11 answer, you grade yourself according to where you are at and how you grow. Although we have added a points score system to keep you motivated if needed.

14. Can my mum do it with me?

That is a great idea. In fact, your mum would benefit from it as well as these skills are relevant for all of us. You can grow together.

15. Can my child and I do it together?

If you can arrange that then go for it. Doing it together will provide a much richer learning experience. You will both get a lot from it and the benefits go far beyond the course content.

16. I have 4 children that I want to do this, can I get a discount?

Yes, get in touch and we will look after you.

17. I am an adult, will this benefit me?

Absolutely. This course is actually a blend of 12 of our adult professional development courses that has been adjusted for our young adults. We run these courses for business and teams all over the country and in all industries.

18. I currently have a job, is this something that would benefit me for future?

Of course. It will help you now in your current role and it will help you to get your next role as you will develop the required skills employers are looking for. It will then help you grow into your new role and position you for promotion and more senior roles if they become available.

19. Is this only for Australia, can my friend in UK do this as well?

We will have to get it translated from Australian. Only kidding. Yes, it is relevant for all English-speaking nations. While there may be a few “cultural sleights” that influence some of the principles, the basic soft skills have the same application the world over.

20. Is Soft Skills Training Institute an RTO?

My goodness no! All the courses offered by an RTO is covered by a national framework, which does not have the units or content required to develop and facilitate the courses we offer. Our courses are life skills and ‘soft skills’ courses, not technical or ‘hard skills’ courses. Our content falls outside the structure of what government has set up as a national framework for an RTO to follow. We are quite happy about that too. Can you imagine a communications course, or a workflow course being framed and written by government? Many government departments are certainly equipped with very good people and structures for many things that a government provide. This course is not one of those.

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life skills training

Life After School is a course run by the Soft Skills Training Institute Pty Ltd. (SSTI) Which was formed in 2010 by founder Bruce Bowen. With over 20 soft skills courses the SSTI provides these personal life and business skills that are not taught on our normal journey of doing life. These are the skills that make technical and knowledge skills work. Skills like Effective Communication, Leadership to Empower Staff, Handling Difficult People and Situations, Managing Difficult Conversations, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Assertiveness and Self-Confidence and more.