Your “Who Am I” picture Copy

As you have gone through this course I have asked you to write down the major learnings or challenges from each Module that would form part of the person you want to become.

This is where you put it together.

I also gave you some exercises to do. I hope you did them because here is the payoff if you have. [if you haven’t, go back and do them]

Putting your personal ‘who am I’ picture together is not just about your personal development. When you add this to the skills you have learnt from the exercises you have done, you now have an amazingly powerful resume. Thats right, you can take this to an interview and show what you have learnt from this course and all the new skills you are working on. Is that going to give you a HUGE advantage??? – heck yeah. Letting your potential employer know who it is you want to be, gives them a safety and security about the person they are about to add to their team. Now add to that the personal letter we will give you to present to the potential employer …… OMG I’m getting excited for you. Of course you still need to meet the criteria set out in the job add. But with so many applicants, and many good candidates with equal skills, you’re the one that will have the extra edge with the skills that employers have already told us they are looking for.

How is your ‘Who Am I’ picture looking?

This will be an ongoing and changing thing. As you grow and develop, as you get more skills and experiences your personal picture will develop with you – if you keep doing it, that is. I suggest you create the habit to do it, as this is your compass for both current and future success. It is what will keep you pointed in the right direction. (If you haven’t already, download the Who Am I doc from the materials tab.)