What’s more important that Soft Skills? Copy

Understanding the “Life Principles” that underpin the soft skills.

These principles or laws, have been around since the beginning of time. They are all around us, and are working either for us or against us whether we are aware of it or not. Most of us have heard of some of them and some of us may even know of all of them – but not many of us take the time to make them work for us. Perhaps it is because not many align their goals with their values and these principles.

The secret is to make all three a part of who you are so the world can see what you stand for by the way you live work and treat others.

The good news for you in this, is if you do take them on board, you give yourself an advantage over the rest that do not.

While I could write a book for each of these, you actually don’t need to go that in depth with them. Understand how they work and your role to make them work for you is all you need. if they spark an interest with you then by all means google them and you’ll find books to explore them more deeply, For now i’ll keep them simple, and you may recognise we have already touched on the principles behind them in the content of this course.

AS you go through this list you may also see that each of them are dependant on the others for them to truly work for you. For example: you can’t try and activate the law of attraction, without activating the law of reciprocity and reaping what you sow.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all of this, just learn one at a time and take the long term approach. Add them to your repertoire of skills, align them with your value system and use them to outwork your new soft skills. Remember that applying these is also a journey and they will become a part of who you are as you go on, and learn from this journey of “Life After School’