Quick Byte – You Can Land Your Dream Job Copy

The proviso for this is that you actually have the pre-requisites for the job.

This also is not a “quick fix” for a job. It is for your dream job. It is a process, and could take some time, but it will almost certainly get you there. However I won’t make any promises, as I don’t know you.

Heres how it works.

What you will do is position yourself to be in the forefront of the mind of the person / company you want to work for. Of course, develop your skill sets and knowledge, get any related experience you can even if it’s in another industry. These are transferable skills. This also works if you already happen to be in your chosen industry and want to move to this company.

By the way: Employers look at some sort of longevity in a company favourably. Moving from job to job every 12 months say’s you have no sticking power and throw in the towel when things get a bit tough. It also raises sooooo many questions as to why you have to move so often, most of them are a negative.

Back to your dream job and being front of mind.

This is called the 9 stage principle. It says that it takes 9 contacts before you are in the forefront of someones mind.

At that point, when an opening comes available, who do you think they will call? They won’t put up an add, they won’t firstly go to an appropriate agency, they will call you.

How does it work? Think of types of contacts you can make, and they must be different, otherwise you just become wallpaper. e.g.

  1. Send a letter of introduction (not a resume….. yet)
  2. Call to see if they received your letter
  3. If they ask for it – send your resume – if they don’t, send your resume
  4. Drop in and and introduce yourself, say you just wanted to put a face to the name. If the key person is there ask if it’s ok for a 1 minute introduction. If not say you perfectly understand and the last thing you want to do is waste their valuable time. ——– I need to take a side track here. If your are talking to a receptionist, who often screens people and calls before putting them through, then you have to sell yourself to them. They in turn have to sell you to the right contact. So use your best soft skills and leave a great first impression.
  5. Drop in a business card. If you don’t have one, get one made up for your position if you don’t have a job, make it: Wanting my dream job. Again just ask the receptionist to pass it on to the right person.
  6. If there is an industry event where you know the key person will be attending, go. Mix and meet people and do your best to “bump into this person” but don’t be obvious about it and show some class and patience. If you don’t get the chance to meet, you may well meet others who can introduce you later on.
  7. Check out all their friends and see if there is someone who can make an introduction. Get a LinkedIn profile and see if you can connect with some of their contacts. (Please use integrity here. Don’t be an annoying little %$%$# and abuse the system. This is a professional platform, it’s not face book)
  8. Email again and ask if there are any openings coming up
  9. I’ll let you come up with the last one.

These are just ideas and not a definitive template for you. This must come from you, who you are. Their subconscious mind can pick up stuff about you electronically as well !!! They don’t have to be done in this order either.

The Rules:

  • Do not over complicate your process
  • Build rapport first — don’t be too keen that you compromise you
  • Be sensitive to their needs and don’t be annoying
  • There is no set time frame — a month to you is like yesterday to them, as a guide, about every 2 -3 months. Some of them like stage 2 can be a week
  • Use all your soft skills into the 9 stages
  • Be You – be Genuine , this is your dream job – don’t blow it

If there are a few really good jobs you would like, then do this for all of them. As I said, this is not a quick fix, but it will dramatically improve your chances of getting that dream job.

Be different and clever. Not cheesy and smart, just clever. Here is what I mean.