Time Management “Group -In House” training course

In todays ever increasingly demanding workplace, it is more important than ever before to progress in our time management skills. This will reduce workplace pressure and stress, promote better productivity and efficiency, and have teams functioning more smoothly.

Time Management Course Length:  1 Day

Time Management Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course delegates will be able to;

  • Recognise our own patterns and why
  • Understand the 4 behavior / personality types and where they can save time
  • Identify communication preferences and how to present you information
  • Learn effective goal setting
  • Prioritise with purpose
  • Discover how to resist procrastination
  • Learn strategies for gaining back lost and wasted time
  • Better deal with pressure situations and how to delegate
  • Learn to organise your diary, work space, & thought process
  • Discover how meetings really can be efficient & effective

Time Management Course Outline:

Understanding ‘How’ You Do Things

  • What is your behavioral style
  • How do you naturally organise
  • Why & where you loose time

Responding or Reacting

  • Gain control of your day
  • Do It Now – Do It Right – Do It Once
  • Why do some people seem to have so much time?

Planning With Efficiency

  • Knowing your times of peak performance
  • To Do – Or – Not To Do
  • Delegating with ease

Hard Copy & Soft Copy

  • Having a clear and uncluttered desk and diary
  • The time management matrix
  • Email efficiency

Developing New Habits

  • Being assertive
  • Why rituals are king
  • Learning to say No – in the right way

The Great Time Wasters

  • Creating Meetings with purpose
  • Those pesky interruptions
  • Self analysis & accountability

Your Action Plan

At the end of this time management course you will develop an action plan on how to recover up to 2 Hrs a day, be efficient in your to do list and in your interaction with others and have less work place pressure and stress due to ever increasing deadlines. Be happier and gain more job satisfaction