Managing Difficult Conversations “Group – In House” training course

Whether you are CEO or a team member, a business owner or an employee, if you lead a team of 2 or 20, at some stage you will be confronted with a difficult conversation. Very few of us look forward to this, however it does not need to be filled with fear and anxiety. Managing Difficult Conversations can be done with without the discomfort and can provide you with a win-win outcome Managing Difficult Conversations.

Managing Difficult Conversations Course Length:  1 Day

Managing Difficult Conversations  Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course delegates will be able to;

  • Learn what causes difficult conversations
  • Know how to take the sting out of difficult conversations.
  • Be able to guide a conversation in the right direction
  • Quantify the different styles of resolution
  • Remove emotions from the process
  • Realize the benefits far outweigh avoiding difficult conversations
  • Learn how to build rapport quickly and how it reduces potential conflict
  • Develop a plan to provide the right outcome every time
  • Be given practical tools to deal with anger, and difficult people

Managing Difficult Conversations Course Outline:

The cause & benefits of a difficult conversation

  • What are the causes of difficult conversations
  • What constitutes a difficult conversation
  • Do the benefits make it worth it

Planning A Solution

  • Removing emotions from the conversation
  • Setting up for the right outcome of a conversation
  • Develop a plan for a win-win every time

Behavior Styles

  • Learn how the 4 different styles approach the conversation
  • Discover how to deal with each style in the right way
  • Realise how your style may play a part

Being Well Adjusted

  • A health self-check
  • Discover diplomacy
  • Gaining a mutual understanding

The Power OF Rapport

  • How to gain responsiveness
  • Why common ground breeds good attitudes
  • Being on the same side of the fence

Making It A Positive Experience

  • Discovering it does not have to be difficult
  • Strengthening relationships and communications
  • The big picture and the team
  • How to handle stress, fear & anger with ease

Your Action Plan

At the end of this Managing Difficult Conversations course,  delegates will develop an action plan to implement and grow your new skills & understand conversations do not have to be difficult. Get the right outcomes and learn to do it with ease and comfort. art.