Conflict Resolution Skills “Group – In House” training course

Conflict in relationships is inevitable in any environment. How we deal with it determines the future of the relationship. This course gives practical tools to both manage and resolve all levels of conflict including perceptions, negotiation, influencing, building trust and generating win/win outcomes, and a solid & effective team.

Conflict Resolution Course Length:  1 Day Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course delegates will be able to;

  • Learn where conflict comes from.
  • Understand that conflict is not always a bad thing.
  • Identify the different steps of resolution
  • Identify the different styles of resolution
  • Remove emotion from the process
  • Discover how to deal with barriers to resolution
  • Learn how to build rapport quickly and how it reduces conflict
  • Develop communication skills to clearly and quickly facilitate resolution
  • Use NLP techniques to deal with stress, anger, and difficult people

Conflict Resolution Course Outline:

The Basics Of Conflict Resolution

  • What is conflict & why does it happen
  • How do you approach conflict
  • The process options for resolution

Planning A Solution

  • Understanding the real problem
  • Evaluating the options
  • Creating  win/win outcomes

Using A Proven Model

  • The 5 methods of the T.K. Instrument
  • Presenting your message in the right way
  • Where When Why Who & How

The Barriers To Resolution

  • Recognising the barriers
  • Learning to remove emotion and agendas
  • Gaining a mutual understanding

The Power OF Rapport

  • How to gain responsiveness
  • Why common ground breeds forgiveness
  • Why rapport reduces & prevents conflict

Learning from the process

  • Evaluating the resolution process
  • Understanding for future conflict
  • The big picture
  • How to handle stress, fear & anger

Your Action Plan

At the end of this Conflict Resolution Skills Course, you will develop an action plan to implement and grow your new skills & understanding to achieve better outcomes in the workplace and in life. Learning to resolve conflict without fear.