Communication Skills “Group – In House” training course

Communication skills and inter-personal skills are the most important ingredients of success at any level. This course helps you communicate effectively, understand your impact on others and how others need to be commutated to.  It will have a profound effect on your relationships and how people relate to you. This communication skills training course is a must for everyone who needs to relate to another human being.

Communication Skills Course Length:  1 Day

Communication Skills Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course delegates will be able to;

  • Learn the complete meaning of communication
  • Understand the different behavior / personality types
  • Identify communication preferences and how to present you information
  • Realise the true power of body language
  • Take a journey in Active Listening
  • Discover how to deal with barriers to communication
  • Learn how to build rapport quickly and have people like you
  • Develop questioning skills and to deliver your ideas clearly
  • Use NLP techniques for dealing with difficult people
  • Grow in confidence, posture and self belief

Communication Skills Course Outline:

Understanding ‘How’ You Do Things

  • What is your behavioral style
  • How do you naturally communicate
  • Your strengths & weaknesses

Understanding your effect on others

  • How others perceive you
  • Doing unto them the way they need
  • Create the right outcome every time you speak

Understanding ‘How’ Others Do Things

  • How to recognize the other behavior styles
  • What are their communication preferences
  • Giving your message in the right way

Non Verbal Communication

  • The power of body language
  • Tonality, pace and expression
  • Influencing others

Building Rapport Quickly

  • How to gain responsiveness
  • Why common ground breeds forgiveness
  • Active listening & powerful questioning

Overcoming Barriers To Communication

  • Where do barriers come from
  • Knowing it’s not personal
  • Templates for communication success

Your Action Plan

At the end of this Communication Skills course you will develop an action plan to implement and grow your new skills & understanding to achieve better outcomes in the workplace and in life. Communicate with clarity and confidence.