Assertiveness and Self Confidence “Group – In House” training course

People often say ‘be more assertive’ but how do you? This  Assertiveness and Self Confidence course gives you these important skills to put your ideas and input forward. To both agree and disagree, to join in or opt out, without any negative feelings of It will give the right balance between being assertive without appearing pushy or rude, and help build your confidence and self belief—- because you REALLY ARE valuable, and you REALLY DO have a lot to offer.

Assertiveness and Self Confidence Learning Outcomes: Course Length:  1 Day

By the end of this course delegates will be able to;

  • Learn the real meaning of being assertive
  • Understand it really is ok to speak up & present your perspective
  • Gain strategies to say no – nicely
  • Become aware of your own self worth, and your ideas are valuable
  • Identify effective communication techniques
  • Learn how to deal with difficult and demanding people
  • Understand how to build rapport quickly
  • Discover how to be more positive
  • Master NLP techniques for a stronger you
  • Grow in confidence, posture and self belief

Assertiveness and Self Confidence Course Outline:

What Does Assertiveness and Self Confidence Mean?

  • True Assertiveness
  • Balanced Self Confidence
  • Different styles of expression

Your Communication & Learning Style

  • Auditory-Visual-Kinesthetic
  • The 4 styles of communication / behavior
  • How am I being perceived?

What Prevents Us From Being Strong

  • Our self talk
  • Why do we think the way we do
  • Creatures of habit

Goal Setting For Success

  • Do goals make a difference?
  • Perfect practice
  • Setting ‘SMART’ Goals

Act As If

  • Become what you want to be
  • Act, look, feel, & speak the part……. naturally
  • Fear and where does it come from


  • Building your level of self belief
  • Setting a platform for success
  • Build rapport quickly and have people like you

Your Action Plan

In this Assertiveness and Self Confidence course you will develop an action plan to implement and grow your new skills. You will start a fresh journey of self-confidence, where you will put yourself in a position where you receive both what you deserve and what you are worth. Walk tall with confidence and a smile. Soft Skills Training Institute conducts ‘In House’ Professional Development, Sales and Soft Skills training courses in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Hobart.