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Essential Skills For Employment

Whether you are wanting to get a job, change jobs or position yourself for a promotion- this is one of the most comprehensive life and soft skills courses aimed at improving your employability you will find anywhere. 

This course will change the way you see yourself  with a renewed mindset that says I really will can achieve anything I put my mind to. No limits. This new found confidence will have employers wanting you on their team.

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How To Be Employable

After leaving school or further study you want to give yourself the best chance at landing that all important job. This course will help you prepare for the workplace and develop the skills and attitudes employers are saying they want in their staff.

These skills and life principles are not taught in our schools or universities, but are essential to being employable. More than that they will ensure you are successful at work and realise your dreams.
Employers are also looking for people that show initiative by undertaking short courses like this this one. It shows you are hungry to be upskilled and developing yourself as the perfect employee.

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Assertiveness & Self-Confidence

Somewhere in our past we have experienced serious dents to our confidence. Perhaps from teachers,  friends, coaches and even family members. Perhaps we tried something and it didn’t work out the way we wanted. The result is a hit to our confidence and less of a self image than we deserve. 
This course will help you do a reset and see yourself for who you really are, and deserve to be. Your future is not dependant on your past and the new confident you awaits.

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Communication Skills

We all know someone who is very good at the skill level with lots of knowledge, but just can not get their message across well and for many reasons. All of us struggle with our communications in some areas. Whether it be more on the shy scale or the over confident side. Understanding how others receive & process information and being able to adjust accordingly is a valuable skill. 
Eliminate the “i thought you meant” or “he said-she said” with the misunderstandings and confusion. Save time and frustration with this fun and engaging course and truly make your life easier in your communication style.

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Professional Telephone Skills

No matter who is on the other end of the line, they deserve your full attention, assistance and professionalism. If you are the first point of contact within a company, then you are the most important person in that company – you are certainly NOT “just a receptionist” 

Your tone, posture, attitude, knowledge, and of course words all contribute to the conversation being as successful as it can be. 
Don’t just answer the phone, contribute and make a difference to the person on the other end and learn to do it with excellence. 

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Telephone skills
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Time Management

Do you wish you had more time in the day with less stress? By making some easy adjustments to the way you work and control interruptions you can get back up to 2 hours of lost time…… every day. Better manage your workload with these easy to implement steps and get control of your stress levels and work life balance.

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Dealing With Difficult People & Situations

Dealing with those people and situations that we wish we could avoid is sadly inevitable. Instead of holding our breath with intrepidation, you can quickly learn the skills to deal with them in a way that takes out the fear and anguish. 
You will learn how to tactfully control the situation to an easy resolution for all concerned.
Once you have these skills under your belt you will no longer fear the aggressive or angry beast and those tricky situations will become just another event in your day.

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Managing Difficult Conversations

You may have heard it said: ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself’ 
With this course you can easily learn the steps to take the fear out of a difficult conversation. Instead of it being a potential conversation of opposition, you will have an amicable communication with the other parties that navigates it’s way  to an acceptable outcome. Even if they do not like the end result, they will appreciate the way you have handled it and in many cases thank you for for making it less difficult. 

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Conflict Resolution

Most conflict arises from a difference of perspective. With the simple steps laid out in this course you will quickly manoeuvre yourself from an opposing position to one of standing side by side and looking at the situation from a similar perspective. From there you will learn how to journey together to an agreeable resolution. Without fear, negative emotions or the slightest hint of conflict. 
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